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All our wedding video packages are expertly filmed on the very latest equipment which use high definition and 4K cameras to ensure the quality of your wedding video can't be beaten. After the event we spend many hours editing the footage to create a beautiful memory of the day which you can have on a disk to play in your machine or a download.
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Wedding Movie

Here we cover the arrival of the guests followed by full coverage of  the wedding service and ending with the happy couple leaving the wedding ceremony.
Was £750

As from 2016 we are extending the coverage to include filming of the photography and mingling with your guests immediately after the ceremony. Total filming will be upto 2 hours.

Wedding Feature

Capturing your wedding for the day, usually including the bridal party at the brides home, the arrival of the wedding guests at the church or place of service followed by full coverage (when permitted) of  the wedding service. After the ceremony we will film the wedding photography including the confetti then on to the wedding reception to record the formal wedding line up, the wedding breakfast, the cutting of the wedding cake and the wedding speeches (this presumes the speeches/ cake cutting occurs shortly after the wedding breakfast)
We then make your complete edited film including full soundtrack of the day as recorded.

We will aslo produce your Final Edit using selected highlights of the day adding 2 tracks of music of your choice.

Was £950 NOW ONLY £545

Directors Cut:

After shooting your wedding for the day, we will make your complete edited film including full soundtrack of the day as recorded usually including the bride & the bridal party getting ready and departing for the wedding ceremony - the arrival of the wedding guests - the wedding service - the happy couple leaving the wedding ceremony - the wedding photography - the formal wedding line up - the wedding breakfast - the cutting of the wedding cake - the wedding speeches - and ending during the evening reception to include the beginning of the dancing. We can also included interviews of friends and family where possible.

In addition we will produce your Directors Cut. This is a Final Edit using selected highlights of the day adding 2 or 3 tracks of music of your choice.

Was £1190 NOW ONLY £645

All packages include a download for you and your family and friends to enjoy


live wedding streaming web Live Wedding Streaming. We are now offering a live web stream of your wedding to as many viewers as you wish. You will have a password access to your unique page that can be filmed on a professional video camera not a web cam! Imagine your friends in Australia for example seeing your wedding live or loved ones that for some reason cannot be there can experience all the joys of the day live. Included is a recording of the web stream.
£195 for the wedding ceremony.
Please note. Live streaming is an extra to the above packages


With any of our wedding video productions you are assured the same attention to detail, from pre-production through to your final edited copy. BEFORE THE DAY we can show you previous video samples of our work and give you ideas for your personal film. Then you can choose your own sound-tracks for either backing sound or complete dubbing, you can have stills of photographs and generally set the scene for your film. ON THE DAY we will do everything possible to capture the atmosphere of your wedding including the close ups, the action shots, the candid and the unexpected ! AFTER THE DAY we will take great care in editing your wedding video; enhancing it with computer graphics, titles and audio sound-tracks to produce a highly personal and treasured memory of your wedding. We pride ourselves in our friendly, unobtrusive and creative approach to our wedding videos.